About Us

Our Vision

 Grown Folks Radio (GFR) began in August 29, 2018, under the original name of Grown Folks Radio Entertainment. 

Two people came together with the same purpose and heart to help others.  The topics they desired to share were topics that they had to learn the hard way and had they known more they would have made wiser decisions.  This started the conversation on everyday topics and a new show was created.

The vision for the show has consistently been to share knowledge and educate people on topics which affect the everyday life.  The objective consistently remained to change the mindset, break the mold and bring back love and care, which they adopted as their motto.  Our belief is that we can make a change and difference in this world.  United we can cause changes in our lives and the lives of others.  With our faith and trust in God and His Word, we apply scripture in our topics and how we can better manage life.  Part of our belief is to build and encourage one another, where iron sharpens iron, providing an understanding that we can be the difference than most are accustomed to. 

Everyday Talk with Carmen & Kevin airs on Wednesdays at 7PM EST on Facebook and in the TuneIn app (under Indie Jamz).

Our Hosts


When speaking with each other, the hosts of Everyday Talk with Carmen & Kevin immediately understood and recognized the same love each carried for sharing knowledge and help others break cycles. Helping others through the same challenges they encountered while learning to change the mindset they developed through experiences and childhood was and continues to be the main focus.